1791 Louisa Co VA Personal Property Tax List Index

An alternative to the lost 1790 census – with links to images!

The 1790 census for Virginia was lost. The cause is no longer known. But here’s an alternative.

Things to know:

  • Clicking on the links in the third column will take you to the images of the pages on FamilySearch.
  • White tithables were males age 16 and older.
  • Once in awhile you may see no white tithables. This often indicates the person actually lived in a different county but had tithable property in Louisa County. In these cases, it’s useful to search surrounding counties for the person to find him tithed as a white male age 16 or older.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the tithable in a column might not be the person who was chargeable for the tax, but perhaps an overseer.
  • The information provided was for the year 1790 and was payable in 1791. On the images, the date in the left column is the date the tax was paid.
  • You can sort the table using the up and down arrows at the right side of each column.
  • You can search the table using the Search bar at the top of the table.
  • Don’t forget to look for alternate spellings. A “J” might have been written as a “G” (pronunciation). Lowercase “e” might have been interpreted as “i”, and vice versa. Be creative in your searching.
Abbett, James (estate)John Poindexter1
Acra, WilliamJohn Poindexter1
Adams, GeorgeHenry Garrett1-2
Adams, JohnHenry Garrett1-2
Adams, ThomasHenry Garrett1-2
Adams, WilsonHenry Garrett1-2
Adkins, JohnHenry Garrett1-2
Alestock, AbsolamJohn Poindexter1
Alestock, MickleJohn Poindexter1
Allen, JamesJohn Poindexter1
Allen, James (merchant)John Poindexter1
Allen, Richard RHenry Garrett1-2
Allogue, DanielHenry Garrett1-2
Almon, Thomas (exempt)John Poindexter1
Ambler, JohnHenry Garrett1-2
Amos, NicholasHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, AlexanderHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, ArchelusHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, BartlettJohn Poindexter1
Anderson, ElizabethHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, James (exempt)John Poindexter1
Anderson, JudethHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, MatthewHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, MichaelHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, NathanHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, NelsonJohn Poindexter1
Anderson, RichardHenry Garrett1-2
Anderson, Turner, CaptHenry Garrett1-2
Anthoney, JamesHenry Garrett1-2
Anthoney, NathanJohn Poindexter1
Anthoney, NathanielJohn Poindexter1
Armstead, Robert (estate)John Poindexter1
Armstrong, JamesHenry Garrett1-2
Armstrong, JohnHenry Garrett1-2
Armstrong, LancelotHenry Garrett1-2
Armstrong, WilliamJohn Poindexter1
Armstrong, William, JrHenry Garrett1-2
Armstrong, William, SrHenry Garrett1-2
Arnett, WilliamJohn Poindexter1
Atkins, WilliamJohn Poindexter1
Austin, JohnHenry Garrett1-2
Badget, JohnHenry Garrett3-4
Badget, SarahHenry Garrett3-4
Badget, ThomasHenry Garrett3-4
Bagby, RichardJohn Poindexter2
Bailey, JohnHenry Garrett3-4
Baker, AnnJohn Poindexter1
Baker, BarnerdJohn Poindexter2
Baker, JoshuaJohn Poindexter1
Baker, MartinJohn Poindexter2
Baker, WilliamHenry Garrett3-4
Banaugh, FrancisJohn Poindexter2
Barnet, James, CaptHenry Garrett3-4
Barnet, RobertHenry Garrett3-4
Barnet, ThomasHenry Garrett1-2
Barnet, WilliamHenry Garrett1-2
Barnet, William, JrHenry Garrett3-4
Barrett, Charles, ColJohn Poindexter1
Barrett, RobertJohn Poindexter1
Barrett, ThomasJohn Poindexter2
Bates, JamesJohn Poindexter2
Bates, MosesHenry Garrett3-4
Bates, ReubenJohn Poindexter1
Beadles, JamesJohn Poindexter2
Beckley, JosephHenry Garrett3-4
Begger, DavidJohn Poindexter1
Begger, JohnJohn Poindexter1
Begger, JohnJohn Poindexter1
Begger, MarthaJohn Poindexter1
Bell, GeorgeHenry Garrett3-4
Bell, George (estate)Henry Garrett1-2
Bell, JohnJohn Poindexter2
Bell, RobertHenry Garrett3-4
Bell, SamuelHenry Garrett3-4
Bellomey, JohnHenry Garrett3-4
Bellomey, WilliamHenry Garrett3-4
Bettenworth, WilliamJohn Poindexter2
Bibb, BenjaminJohn Poindexter2
Bibb, ElisabethJohn Poindexter2
Bibb, HenryJohn Poindexter1
Bibb, HenryHenry Garrett3-4
Bibb, JamesJohn Poindexter1
Bibb, JohnJohn Poindexter2
Bibb, John (G M)John Poindexter2
Bibb, MaryJohn Poindexter2
Bibb, RobertHenry Garrett1-2
Bibb, Thomas (C S)John Poindexter2
Bibb, WilliamJohn Poindexter1
Bickley, JohnJohn Poindexter1
Bird, JohnJohn Poindexter2
Bond, ThomasJohn Poindexter2
Borwell, ThomasJohn Poindexter2
Bourn, DavidHenry Garrett3-4
Bourn, ElizabethHenry Garrett3-4
Bourn, GeorgeHenry Garrett3-4
Bourn, LewisHenry Garrett3-4
Bourn, Stephen (S William)Henry Garrett3-4
Bourn, Stephen (SS)Henry Garrett3-4
Bowls, CharlesHenry Garrett1-2
Boxley, CatheranJohn Poindexter2
Boxley, John SJohn Poindexter1
Boyd, JohnHenry Garrett3-4
Bracket, ThomasHenry Garrett3-4
Bradtorn, WilliamJohn Poindexter2
Branham, BenjaminJohn Poindexter2
Branham, Benjamin, JrJohn Poindexter2
Branham, NathanielJohn Poindexter1
Brent, JohnJohn Poindexter1
Britton, LyddattHenry Garrett3-4
Brockman, SamuelJohn Poindexter2
Broddar, WarrenJohn Poindexter2
Brook, WilliamHenry Garrett3-4
Brooks, RichardsonHenry Garrett1-2
Brooks, ThomasHenry Garrett3-4
Brown, ArmsteadJohn Poindexter1
Bryant, JohnHenry Garrett3-4
Bullock, AnneJohn Poindexter2
Bullock, DavidJohn Poindexter2
Bullock, David (estate)Henry Garrett3-4
Bullock, ElisabethJohn Poindexter2
Bullock, RobertJohn Poindexter2
Bunch, DavidHenry Garrett3-4
Bunch, GeorgeHenry Garrett3-4
Bunch, JohnHenry Garrett3-4
Bunch, MaryHenry Garrett1-2
Bunch, Mary (W David)Henry Garrett3-4
Bunch, PounceyHenry Garrett3-4
Bunch, SamuelHenry Garrett3-4
Bunch, ThomasHenry Garrett1-2
Bunch, WinslowJohn Poindexter2
Burnley, JamesJohn Poindexter2
Buttler, PeterJohn Poindexter2
Byras, ElisabethJohn Poindexter2
Calley, WilliamJohn Poindexter2
Callis, William OJohn Poindexter3
Caren, ReubenJohn Poindexter3
Carpenter, JohnJohn Poindexter3
Carpenter, PhillipJohn Poindexter2
Carr, BarbraJohn Poindexter3
Carr, MarthaJohn Poindexter3
Chase, WilliamHenry Garrett3-4
Chewning, JaneHenry Garrett5-6
Chewning, JosephHenry Garrett5-6
Chewning, WilliamHenry Garrett5-6
Christopher, SymonJohn Poindexter3
Clarke, BenjaminHenry Garrett3-4
Coats, JohnHenry Garrett5-6
Cobler, RobertJohn Poindexter3
Cogal, JohnHenry Garrett5-6
Colby, ZachariahHenry Garrett5-6
Cole, LamenderJohn Poindexter3
Cole, RichardJohn Poindexter3
Cole, WilliamJohn Poindexter3
Collins, JamesHenry Garrett5-6
Cooke, WilliamJohn Poindexter3
Cooper, UsleyJohn Poindexter3
Cosby, CharlesJohn Poindexter3
Cosby, Cole (S Elisabeth)John Poindexter3
Cosby, David (exempt)John Poindexter3
Cosby, ElisabethJohn Poindexter3
Cosby, ThomasJohn Poindexter3
Cosby, WilliamJohn Poindexter3
Cosby, WinkfeildJohn Poindexter3
Crank, GeorgeJohn Poindexter3
Crank, HenryHenry Garrett5-6
Crenshaw, BenjaminHenry Garrett3-4
Crenshaw, DavidJohn Poindexter3
Crenshaw, WilliamJohn Poindexter3
Cruer, WilliamHenry Garrett3-4
Culp, DanielHenry Garrett3-4
Dabney, CorneliusHenry Garrett5-6
Dabney, James, CaptHenry Garrett5-6
Dabney, RobertJohn Poindexter4
Dabney, SamuelHenry Garrett5-6
Daniel, BeverleyJohn Poindexter4
Daniel, CharlesJohn Poindexter4
Daniel, Charles, JrJohn Poindexter4
Daniel, Charles, SrJohn Poindexter4
Daniel, JamesJohn Poindexter4
Daniel, JesseJohn Poindexter3
Daniel, Peter MJohn Poindexter4
Daniel, StithJohn Poindexter4
Daniel, WilliamJohn Poindexter3
Darvin, JesseJohn Poindexter4
Davis, AbrahamJohn Poindexter4
Davis, CyrusJohn Poindexter4
Davis, JohnJohn Poindexter4
Davis, MaryJohn Poindexter4
Davis, William (Richmd)John Poindexter4
Deer, EdmondJohn Poindexter4
Devenport, JamesJohn Poindexter4
Dick, ArchabledJohn Poindexter3
Dickason, CharlesJohn Poindexter4
Dickason, ElisabethJohn Poindexter4
Dickason, ElisabethJohn Poindexter4
Dickason, JamesJohn Poindexter4
Dickason, JohnJohn Poindexter3
Dickason, NelsonJohn Poindexter4
Dickason, RachelJohn Poindexter4
Dickason, RobertJohn Poindexter4
Dickason, WickasonJohn Poindexter4
Dickens, John, JrJohn Poindexter4
Dickens, John, Sr (exempt)John Poindexter4
Dickens, RichardJohn Poindexter4
Dickerson, ElijahHenry Garrett5-6
Dickerson, ThomasHenry Garrett5-6
Dickes, John GJohn Poindexter4
Diggs, DudleyHenry Garrett5-6
Diggs, JohnHenry Garrett5-6
Diggs, ThomasHenry Garrett5-6
Dobbs, ChristianHenry Garrett5-6
Dolton, JohnJohn Poindexter3
Douglas, William, RevJohn Poindexter4
Draper, ThomasJohn Poindexter3
Drapes, DavidHenry Garrett5-6
Dudley, EdwardHenry Garrett5-6
Dugins, WilliamJohn Poindexter4
Duke, BettyJohn Poindexter4
Duke, CleveanHenry Garrett5-6
Duke, HardenJohn Poindexter3
Duke, Henry, JrHenry Garrett5-6
Duke, JohnJohn Poindexter4
Dunn, MartinHenry Garrett5-6
Dunn, ThomasHenry Garrett5-6
Durrett, JohnJohn Poindexter4
Edds, ThomasHenry Garrett5-6
Edwards, GravetJohn Poindexter5
Edwards, HarryJohn Poindexter5
Edwards, HumphryJohn Poindexter5
Edwards, John (exempt)John Poindexter5
Edwards, MaryJohn Poindexter5
Edwards, ReubenJohn Poindexter5
Edwards, SolomonJohn Poindexter5
Edwards, WilliamHenry Garrett5-6
Edwards, ZachariahJohn Poindexter5
Eggleston, JosephJohn Poindexter5
Estes, UrsulaHenry Garrett5-6
Estis, AbrahamJohn Poindexter5
Estis, LittletonJohn Poindexter5
Evens, EmanuelHenry Garrett5-6
Evens, SheltonHenry Garrett5-6
Evens, WilkersonHenry Garrett5-6
Farror, MatthewHenry Garrett5-6
Farror, StephenHenry Garrett5-6
Flannagan, WhittleHenry Garrett5-6
Fleeman, JohnJohn Poindexter5
Fleeman, JosephJohn Poindexter5
Fleming, AnnJohn Poindexter5
Fleming, GeorgeHenry Garrett7-9
Fleming, JohnJohn Poindexter5
Fontane, AaronJohn Poindexter5
Ford, DanielJohn Poindexter5
Fore, John, CaptHenry Garrett5-6
Forkner, HenryHenry Garrett7-9
Foster, CosbyHenry Garrett5-6
Foster, John (near Wm Lovell)Henry Garrett7-9
Foster, John (S Mary)Henry Garrett7-9
Foster, LanclotHenry Garrett7-9
Foster, ThomasHenry Garrett5-6
Foster, WilliamHenry Garrett5-6
Foster, William (near Wm Lovell)Henry Garrett7-9
Freeman, IsaacJohn Poindexter5
Freeman, John (exempt)John Poindexter5
Freeman, RobertHenry Garrett5-6
Fretwell, JohnHenry Garrett7-9
Gardner, DanielHenry Garrett7-9
Gardner, MaryJohn Poindexter6
Gardner, ThomasJohn Poindexter6
Garland, ElisabethJohn Poindexter6
Garland, RobertJohn Poindexter6
Garland, ThomasJohn Poindexter6
Garrett, HenryHenry Garrett7-9
Garrett, WilliamJohn Poindexter6
Garth, DavidHenry Garrett7-9
Garth, ElizabethHenry Garrett7-9
Garton, ThomasJohn Poindexter6
Gentry, GeorgeJohn Poindexter5
Gibbins, ThomasJohn Poindexter6
Gibson, GeorgeJohn Poindexter6
Gibson, GideonHenry Garrett7-9
Gibson, GilbirdJohn Poindexter6
Gibson, JamesJohn Poindexter5
Gibson, JohnJohn Poindexter6
Gibson, JudoneHenry Garrett7-9
Gibson, ThortonJohn Poindexter6
Gibson, William (Drum)John Poindexter5
Gibson, William, JrJohn Poindexter5
Gideon, WilliamHenry Garrett7-9
Gidions, FrancesJohn Poindexter6
Gillom, WilliamJohn Poindexter6
Glenn, JohnHenry Garrett7-9
Glynn, JohnJohn Poindexter6
Going, AustinJohn Poindexter6
Gooch, ClabornJohn Poindexter5
Gooch, Gedion (miller)John Poindexter5
Gooch, PumphryJohn Poindexter6
Gooch, RowlandJohn Poindexter5
Gooch, StephenJohn Poindexter6
Gooch, ThomasJohn Poindexter5
Goodwin, HughJohn Poindexter6
Goodwin, JaneJohn Poindexter6
Grady, WilliamJohn Poindexter5
Graves, RiceJohn Poindexter6
Graves, WilliamJohn Poindexter6
Graves, WilliamJohn Poindexter6
Gray, ThomasJohn Poindexter6
Green, ForrestHenry Garrett7-9
Green, MaryHenry Garrett7-9
Grinston, JohnJohn Poindexter6
Groom, Henry MHenry Garrett7-9
Groom, RobertJohn Poindexter5
Groom, WilliamHenry Garrett7-9
Grubs, BenjaminJohn Poindexter6
Grubs, ElisabethJohn Poindexter6
Grubs, MatthewJohn Poindexter5
Gunnell, JohnJohn Poindexter6
Gunnell, WilliamJohn Poindexter6
Gunter, JohnJohn Poindexter6
Gunter, MaryJohn Poindexter6
Hall, TimothyJohn Poindexter7
Hambleton, DavidJohn Poindexter7
Hambleton, SarahJohn Poindexter7
Hanes, ChristopherJohn Poindexter7
Hanes, WilliamJohn Poindexter7
Harger, John (exempt)John Poindexter7
Harlow, ThomasHenry Garrett7-9
Harper, JohnJohn Poindexter8
Harris, BenjaminJohn Poindexter7
Harris, DemonJohn Poindexter7
Harris, EdmondJohn Poindexter8
Harris, FredrickJohn Poindexter8
Harris, JobJohn Poindexter8
Harris, MansJohn Poindexter7
Harris, MicajahJohn Poindexter8
Harris, NathanJohn Poindexter7
Harris, NathanielHenry Garrett7-9
Harris, NelsonHenry Garrett7-9
Harris, OvertonJohn Poindexter7
Harris, Robert, JrJohn Poindexter7
Harris, Robert, SrJohn Poindexter7
Harris, WilliamJohn Poindexter8
Harris, William (Amherst)John Poindexter7
Harrison, HizekiahJohn Poindexter7
Harrison, Richason PJohn Poindexter7
Hart, MalcolmJohn Poindexter8
Harvey, AlexanderHenry Garrett7-9
Hawkins, JohnJohn Poindexter7
Hawkins, Joseph (exempt)John Poindexter7
Headon, JohnHenry Garrett7-9
Hencock, AustinJohn Poindexter7
Hencock, GeorgeHenry Garrett7-9
Hendrick, BirdJohn Poindexter8
Hendrick, JamesJohn Poindexter8
Hendrick, MaryJohn Poindexter7
Hendrick, RobertJohn Poindexter7
Henley, LeonardHenry Garrett9-10
Henley, RichardsonHenry Garrett9-10
Henson, SamuelHenry Garrett7-9
Hester, CharlesJohn Poindexter7
Hester, JohnJohn Poindexter8
Hickerson, SamuelHenry Garrett9-10
Hill, DavidJohn Poindexter7
Hill, James (exempt)John Poindexter8
Hix, TemprenceJohn Poindexter7
Hodges, JohnHenry Garrett7-9
Hodges, WilliamHenry Garrett9-10
Hogan, JamesJohn Poindexter8
Hogan, William (exempt)John Poindexter8
Hogard, JesseJohn Poindexter7
Holland, George, DrHenry Garrett7-9
Holland, JamesHenry Garrett7-9
Hollins, BenjaminJohn Poindexter7
Hollins, WilliamJohn Poindexter7
Homes, DunkenJohn Poindexter8
Homes, WilliamJohn Poindexter7
Hope, BurtonHenry Garrett9-10
Howorth, JamesJohn Poindexter7
Hubbard, DanielHenry Garrett7-9
Hudson, DavidHenry Garrett7-9
Hudson, MaryHenry Garrett7-9
Hughes, BilleyHenry Garrett7-9
Hughes, JoshuaJohn Poindexter7
Hughson, John, JrHenry Garrett7-9
Humphry, EdmondHenry Garrett7-9
Humphrys, BenjaminJohn Poindexter7
Humphrys, CisleyJohn Poindexter7
Humphrys, JesseJohn Poindexter8
Hunter, CharlesHenry Garrett7-9
Hunter, GeorgeHenry Garrett9-10
Hunter, JohnHenry Garrett9-10
Hunter, StephenHenry Garrett9-10
Hunter, WilliamHenry Garrett9-10
Isbell, JosephHenry Garrett9-10
Isbell, WilliamHenry Garrett9-10
Jackson, BenjaminJohn Poindexter8
Jackson, Charles, CaptHenry Garrett9-10
Jackson, JohnHenry Garrett9-10
Jackson, SusannaHenry Garrett9-10
Jackson, ThomasHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, BenjaminHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, DavidHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, ElijahHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, ElisabethJohn Poindexter8
Johnson, Elizabeth (W Wm)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, GeorgeJohn Poindexter8
Johnson, George (S Majr)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, George, SrHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Henry, CaptHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, JamesHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, JohnHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, JosephHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, MatthewJohn Poindexter8
Johnson, MicajahHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Richard (Fork Creek)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Richard (Majr S)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Richard (R)Henry Garrett11-12
Johnson, Thomas (? Bourn)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Thomas (S D)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Thomas (Shff)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Thomas, CaptHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, Thomas, MajorHenry Garrett9-10
Johnson, William (S of James)Henry Garrett9-10
Johnson, William (S Wm)Henry Garrett9-10
Jones, AnneJohn Poindexter8
Jones, David GHenry Garrett9-10
Jones, RichardJohn Poindexter8
Jones, RichardJohn Poindexter8
Jorden, SarahJohn Poindexter8
Karmon, JohnJohn Poindexter8
Kelcher, JohnHenry Garrett11-12
Kennaday, GarretHenry Garrett11-12
Kennedy, CroshaJohn Poindexter9
Kennedy, JamesJohn Poindexter9
Kennedy, MartinJohn Poindexter9
Kent, RobertHenry Garrett11-12
Kenty, Anthony (exempt)John Poindexter9
Kersey, GeorgeJohn Poindexter9
Kersey, ThomasJohn Poindexter8
Key, WilliamJohn Poindexter9
Kimbrough, Joseph, CaptHenry Garrett11-12
Kimbrough, RobertJohn Poindexter8
Kimbrough, WilliamJohn Poindexter8
King, PhillipHenry Garrett11-12
King, ThomasHenry Garrett11-12
King, Thomas, JrHenry Garrett11-12
Knighton, Thomas, JrJohn Poindexter9
Knighton, Thomas, SrJohn Poindexter9
Lafond, WilliamJohn Poindexter9
Landrum, ReubenJohn Poindexter9
Landrus, KimbroughJohn Poindexter9
Lane, GalmonJohn Poindexter9
Lane, JohnJohn Poindexter9
Lane, John, Govr (exempt)John Poindexter9
Lane, LarkenHenry Garrett11-12
Lankford, WilliamJohn Poindexter9
Larley, JohnHenry Garrett11-12
Laurance, JohnHenry Garrett11-12
Lea, JohnJohn Poindexter9
Lemay, CharlesHenry Garrett11-12
Lenard, David (exempt)John Poindexter9
Lewis, WallerJohn Poindexter9
Light, JacobHenry Garrett11-12
Linney, WilliamJohn Poindexter9
Lipscomb, FrancisJohn Poindexter9
Lipscomb, JohnJohn Poindexter9
Lipscomb, JosephJohn Poindexter9
Longest, WilliamJohn Poindexter9
Lovell, WilliamHenry Garrett11-12
Lowry, WilliamHenry Garrett11-12
Luck, JesseJohn Poindexter9
Lumsdan, GeorgeJohn Poindexter9
Madderson, JohnJohn Poindexter10
Maddox, John WHenry Garrett11-12
Mallory, HenryHenry Garrett13-14
Mallory, JohnJohn Poindexter10
Mallory, RobertHenry Garrett13-14
Mallory, RogerJohn Poindexter10
Mallory, ThomasJohn Poindexter10
Mallory, ThomsonHenry Garrett11-12
Mallory, WilliamJohn Poindexter10
Man, ThomasJohn Poindexter10
Mansfeild, WilliamJohn Poindexter10
Mantalo, SarahJohn Poindexter10
Marks, HartinHenry Garrett11-12
Marks, ThomasHenry Garrett11-12
Marthus, Richard, JrJohn Poindexter10
Marthus, Richard, SrJohn Poindexter10
Martin, JacobJohn Poindexter9
Martin, WilliamJohn Poindexter10
Mason, ThomasJohn Poindexter10
Massie, GeorgeHenry Garrett13-14
May, SamuelJohn Poindexter10
McCallester, NathanielJohn Poindexter10
McCallester, WilliamJohn Poindexter10
McDanald, JohnHenry Garrett11-12
McGehee, AugustinJohn Poindexter10
McGehee, EdwardJohn Poindexter11
McGehee, JamesJohn Poindexter9
McGehee, JohnJohn Poindexter11
McGehee, John, JrJohn Poindexter10
McGehee, SarahJohn Poindexter10
McGehee, WilliamJohn Poindexter10
McGehee, WilliamJohn Poindexter10
McGehee, WilliamJohn Poindexter11
McGehee, William, SrJohn Poindexter11
McGehee, William, SrJohn Poindexter11
Mecks, JohnHenry Garrett11-12
Medlock, GeorgeJohn Poindexter10
Meed, ThontonJohn Poindexter11
Meed, WilliamJohn Poindexter10
Melton, JamesJohn Poindexter10
Melton, ThomasJohn Poindexter10
Merewither, James, ColHenry Garrett11-12
Merewither, Thomas (Shff)Henry Garrett13-14
Merewither, Thomas, ColHenry Garrett13-14
Merewither, VallentineHenry Garrett11-12
Meriweather, NickolasJohn Poindexter10
Meriweather, ThomasJohn Poindexter10
Michie, GeorgeHenry Garrett11-12
Michie, James (estate)Henry Garrett11-12
Michie, John (S of James)Henry Garrett13-14
Michie, RobertHenry Garrett11-12
Michie, WilliamHenry Garrett11-12
Mills, Nickolas (Hano)John Poindexter10
Minor, GarrettJohn Poindexter9
Minor, JohnJohn Poindexter10
Minor, John, MajorHenry Garrett11-12
Minor, LanclotHenry Garrett11-12
Minor, Thomas CJohn Poindexter10
Mitchell, ArchabaldHenry Garrett11-12
Mitchell, JohnHenry Garrett11-12
Mitchell, ThomasHenry Garrett13-14
Molton, William JHenry Garrett13-14
Morris, DavidHenry Garrett13-14
Morris, GeorgeJohn Poindexter10
Morris, IsaacJohn Poindexter10
Morris, JohnHenry Garrett11-12
Morris, Richard, ColHenry Garrett13-14
Morris, WilliamHenry Garrett11-12
Mosby, Benjamin (estate)Henry Garrett11-12
Mosley, LenardJohn Poindexter10
Moss, BenjaminJohn Poindexter10
Moss, JohnJohn Poindexter11
Murrey, BenjaminJohn Poindexter10
Nelson, ElisabethJohn Poindexter11
Nelson, JamesJohn Poindexter11
Nelson, RebeccaJohn Poindexter11
Nicholson, JohnHenry Garrett13-14
Nicholson, SamuelHenry Garrett13-14
Nicholson, WilliamHenry Garrett13-14
Norman, JosephHenry Garrett13-14
Nuckolds, JamesJohn Poindexter11
Nuckolds, JohnHenry Garrett13-14
Nuckolds, KiziahJohn Poindexter11
Nuckolds, RichardJohn Poindexter11
Nuckolds, ThomasJohn Poindexter11
Nuckolds, WilliamJohn Poindexter11
Nuton, SamuelJohn Poindexter11
Ore, JosephHenry Garrett13-14
Overton, JamesJohn Poindexter11
Overton, John, ColHenry Garrett13-14
Overton, SamuelHenry Garrett13-14
Palman, WilliamHenry Garrett15-16
Parks, FrankHenry Garrett15-16
Parrish, AnnHenry Garrett15-16
Parrish, Humphry, CaptHenry Garrett15-16
Parrish, Humphry, JrHenry Garrett13-14
Parrish, JoelHenry Garrett15-16
Parrish, JohnHenry Garrett13-14
Parrish, MajorHenry Garrett13-14
Parrish, RobertHenry Garrett15-16
Parsons, SamuelJohn Poindexter11
Partlow, SamuelJohn Poindexter11
Patterson, JohnHenry Garrett15-16
Paulet, DavidHenry Garrett15-16
Paulet, ElizabethHenry Garrett15-16
Payne, TaltonHenry Garrett15-16
Pea, JohnHenry Garrett13-14
Peers, ThomasJohn Poindexter12
Pemberton, AbeshaHenry Garrett13-14
Pendleton, HenryHenry Garrett13-14
Perkins, JesseHenry Garrett15-16
Perkins, John, JrHenry Garrett15-16
Perkins, John, SrHenry Garrett13-14
Perkins, Joseph, JrHenry Garrett15-16
Perkins, Joseph, SrHenry Garrett15-16
Perkins, MichalHenry Garrett13-14
Perkins, SamuelHenry Garrett15-16
Perkins, WilliamHenry Garrett13-14
Perry, JohnJohn Poindexter11
Perry, RodrickHenry Garrett15-16
Pettet, WilliamJohn Poindexter11
Pettus, JohnJohn Poindexter12
Pettus, SamuelJohn Poindexter12
Pharis, CharlesHenry Garrett13-14
Pharis, JosephHenry Garrett15-16
Pharis, RichardHenry Garrett15-16
Phillips, ElizabethHenry Garrett13-14
Phillips, JohnJohn Poindexter11
Phillips, William, ColHenry Garrett15-16
Plant, MatthewJohn Poindexter11
Plant, Williamson, JrJohn Poindexter11
Plant, Williamson, SrJohn Poindexter11
Poindexter, BonduleJohn Poindexter11
Poindexter, JamesHenry Garrett15-16
Poindexter, JohnJohn Poindexter11
Poindexter, John, JrJohn Poindexter11
Poindexter, John, Jr, CaptHenry Garrett15-16
Poindexter, MeredethHenry Garrett15-16
Poindexter, Thomas, JrHenry Garrett15-16
Poindexter, WilliamHenry Garrett15-16
Poindexter, William, JrJohn Poindexter11
Poindexter, William, SrJohn Poindexter11
Pollett, RichardJohn Poindexter11
Porter, EbbinJohn Poindexter11
Porter, ThomasHenry Garrett13-14
Porter, WilliamHenry Garrett13-14
Pottie, George (estate)John Poindexter3
Powers, ThomasJohn Poindexter12
Price, John, JrHenry Garrett15-16
Price, John, JrHenry Garrett15-16
Price, WilliamHenry Garrett15-16
Pudgett, AbrahamJohn Poindexter11
Pulliam, JamesHenry Garrett13-14
Pulliam, JohnHenry Garrett13-14
Pulliam, NathanJohn Poindexter11
Pulliam, ThomasHenry Garrett13-14
Pulliam, Zachariah, JrHenry Garrett15-16
Pulliam, Zachariah, SrHenry Garrett13-14
Purkins, AnthonyJohn Poindexter12
Quales, RalphJohn Poindexter12
Ragland, BeverleyHenry Garrett15-16
Ragland, John RJohn Poindexter12
Ragland, SamuelJohn Poindexter12
Ragland, Samuel, MajorHenry Garrett17-18
Ragland, WilliamHenry Garrett15-16
Ranes, LucyHenry Garrett15-16
Rattliff, JamesJohn Poindexter12
Ready, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Redman, AbrahamJohn Poindexter12
Rice, JamesHenry Garrett17-18
Richardson, JohnHenry Garrett17-18
Richardson, John, SrHenry Garrett17-18
Richardson, RichardJohn Poindexter12
Richardson, RobertJohn Poindexter12
Riddle, MatthewHenry Garrett17-18
Robard, MorrisHenry Garrett15-16
Roberson, JamesJohn Poindexter12
Roberson, JudethJohn Poindexter12
Rotherford, GeorgeHenry Garrett15-16
Row, JesseHenry Garrett17-18
Row, JohnHenry Garrett15-16
Row, LucyHenry Garrett15-16
Row, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Runolds, PhillipHenry Garrett17-18
Runolds, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Ryan, PhillipHenry Garrett17-18
Ryan, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Sampson, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Sandridge, JamesJohn Poindexter12
Sandridge, RichardJohn Poindexter13
Sandrus, DavidJohn Poindexter13
Sargant, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Scott, JosephHenry Garrett17-18
Self, JohnHenry Garrett17-18
Sharp, JohnHenry Garrett17-18
Sharp, MartinJohn Poindexter13
Sharp, RobertJohn Poindexter12
Sharp, WilliamJohn Poindexter12
Shelton, DavidHenry Garrett17-18
Shelton, JamesHenry Garrett17-18
Shelton, John, CaptHenry Garrett17-18
Shelton, PeterHenry Garrett17-18
Shelton, Thomas, CaptHenry Garrett17-18
Shelton, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Shepard, PhillipJohn Poindexter13
Shepperson, JohnJohn Poindexter12
Sims, AseJohn Poindexter12
Sims, BenjaminJohn Poindexter12
Sims, DavidJohn Poindexter12
Sims, JohnJohn Poindexter13
Sims, LewisJohn Poindexter13
Sims, MicajahJohn Poindexter13
Sims, VadenJohn Poindexter13
Sims, WilliamJohn Poindexter12
Slaton, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Slaughter, CharlesJohn Poindexter12
Smith, AnnHenry Garrett17-18
Smith, AustinJohn Poindexter12
Smith, BarnardJohn Poindexter13
Smith, ChristopherJohn Poindexter13
Smith, DavidJohn Poindexter13
Smith, EdwardHenry Garrett17-18
Smith, ElisabethJohn Poindexter13
Smith, FrancisHenry Garrett17-18
Smith, GeorgeJohn Poindexter13
Smith, James (S James)Henry Garrett17-18
Smith, JohnHenry Garrett17-18
Smith, JohnJohn Poindexter12
Smith, JohnJohn Poindexter12
Smith, NathanJohn Poindexter12
Smith, Thomas, CaptHenry Garrett17-18
Smith, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Smith, WilliamJohn Poindexter12
Smith, WilliamJohn Poindexter12
Smith, William (Overseer)Henry Garrett17-18
Smith, William, CaptHenry Garrett17-18
Smith, William, CaptJohn Poindexter13
Snelson, NathanielJohn Poindexter13
Sotherland, JosephJohn Poindexter12
Sprouse, CharlesHenry Garrett17-18
Sprouse, JamesHenry Garrett17-18
Sprouse, JamesJohn Poindexter13
Sprouse, JeremiahJohn Poindexter13
Stephens, WilliamHenry Garrett17-18
Stuart, RobertJohn Poindexter12
Swift, MaryJohn Poindexter13
Swift, RichardJohn Poindexter13
Swift, WilliamJohn Poindexter13
Syme, John, ColHenry Garrett17-18
Talley, NathanJohn Poindexter14
Talley, StoryHenry Garrett19-20
Tate, EnosJohn Poindexter14
Tate, JamesJohn Poindexter14
Tate, JamesHenry Garrett19-20
Tate, Nathaniel (exempt)John Poindexter14
Tate, Nathaniel, JrJohn Poindexter14
Tate, RobertJohn Poindexter15
Tate, UriahJohn Poindexter13
Tate, WilliamJohn Poindexter14
Tate, WilliamJohn Poindexter14
Tate, ZimryJohn Poindexter14
Taylor, JamesJohn Poindexter14
Taylor, JamesJohn Poindexter14
Terrell, ElisabethJohn Poindexter14
Terrell, SamuelJohn Poindexter15
Terrell, WilliamJohn Poindexter14
Terry, DavidJohn Poindexter14
Terry, HeneritteJohn Poindexter14
Terry, StephenJohn Poindexter15
Thacker, DavidHenry Garrett19-20
Thacker, IsaacHenry Garrett19-20
Thacker, MaryHenry Garrett19-20
Thacker, NathanHenry Garrett19-20
Thacker, WilliamHenry Garrett19-20
Thomas, AthaHenry Garrett19-20
Thomas, CharlesHenry Garrett19-20
Thomas, JohnHenry Garrett19-20
Thomason, EliasJohn Poindexter13
Thomason, FlemingJohn Poindexter13
Thomason, GeorgeJohn Poindexter14
Thomason, JohnHenry Garrett19-20
Thomason, JohnJohn Poindexter13
Thomason, NathanielJohn Poindexter13
Thomason, WaddyJohn Poindexter14
Thomason, William (exempt)John Poindexter14
Thomson, Anderson, CaptHenry Garrett19-20
Thomson, AseJohn Poindexter14
Thomson, CharlesHenry Garrett19-20
Thomson, EdwardHenry Garrett19-20
Thomson, JohnJohn Poindexter14
Thomson, JosephHenry Garrett19-20
Thomson, NelsonJohn Poindexter13
Thomson, RobertJohn Poindexter14
Thomson, WilliamJohn Poindexter14
Thonton, AnthoneyJohn Poindexter14
Tilford, JohnHenry Garrett19-20
Timberlake, Benjamin, CaptHenry Garrett19-20
Timberlake, MaryHenry Garrett19-20
Timberlake, PhillipJohn Poindexter13
Tisdale, ShirleyHenry Garrett19-20
Tisdle, JohnJohn Poindexter13
Todd, AndrewHenry Garrett19-20
Todd, John, RevHenry Garrett19-20
Tolar, JackeyJohn Poindexter13
Tollock, David (Hano)John Poindexter14
Tompkins, WilliamHenry Garrett19-20
Tranum, CharlesHenry Garrett19-20
Tranum, JacksonHenry Garrett19-20
Trice, JamesJohn Poindexter14
Trice, JohnJohn Poindexter14
Trice, MeridethJohn Poindexter14
Trice, WilliamJohn Poindexter14
Trice, WilliamJohn Poindexter14
Trice, William, JrJohn Poindexter13
Trinham, DavidJohn Poindexter14
Trower, SolomonJohn Poindexter14
Tuggle, JoshuaHenry Garrett19-20
Tunstall, JosephJohn Poindexter14
Turner, LewisHenry Garrett19-20
Twopence, JamesJohn Poindexter14
Tylor, AbsolamJohn Poindexter14
Underwood, FrancisHenry Garrett19-20
Waddle, James, RevJohn Poindexter15
Waddy, JohnHenry Garrett19-20
Waddy, SamuelHenry Garrett19-20
Waddy, WilliamJohn Poindexter15
Waldrup, SamuelHenry Garrett21-22
Waldrup, WilliamHenry Garrett21-22
Walker, GeorgeHenry Garrett19-20
Walker, JamesHenry Garrett19-20
Walker, WilliamHenry Garrett19-20
Walton, JoelHenry Garrett19-20
Walton, JohnHenry Garrett21-22
Walton, MartinHenry Garrett21-22
Ward, JohnJohn Poindexter15
Ward, William (exempt)John Poindexter15
Ware, MallacaJohn Poindexter15
Warley, RobertJohn Poindexter15
Warren, BartholemewJohn Poindexter15
Wash, EzekleJohn Poindexter16
Wash, MaryJohn Poindexter15
Wash, SusanahJohn Poindexter16
Wash, ThomasJohn Poindexter15
Wash, ThomasJohn Poindexter16
Wash, WilliamJohn Poindexter15
Wash, William, SrJohn Poindexter16
Watkins, JamesJohn Poindexter15
Watkins, JoelJohn Poindexter15
Watson, James, MajorHenry Garrett21-22
Watson, MaryJohn Poindexter15
Webster, GeorgeJohn Poindexter15
West, BenjaminHenry Garrett21-22
West, JohnHenry Garrett21-22
West, JohnJohn Poindexter16
West, RobertHenry Garrett19-20
West, WilliamHenry Garrett21-22
Wheler, MarkHenry Garrett21-22
White, JohnJohn Poindexter15
White, JohnJohn Poindexter15
White, JohnHenry Garrett19-20
White, MosesHenry Garrett21-22
White, WilliamJohn Poindexter15
White, William (exempt)John Poindexter16
Whitlock, ThomasHenry Garrett21-22
Whitlock, WilliamJohn Poindexter15
Whitton, MaryJohn Poindexter15
Wiggle, JobHenry Garrett21-22
Willington, ThomasJohn Poindexter16
Winn, AnneJohn Poindexter15
Winn, JohnJohn Poindexter15
Winrow, RichardHenry Garrett21-22
Winston, AnthonyHenry Garrett21-22
Winston, IsaacJohn Poindexter15
Winston, JamesHenry Garrett21-22
Winston, John, CaptHenry Garrett21-22
Winston, JosephHenry Garrett21-22
Wood, James (Drum)John Poindexter15
Wood, JohnHenry Garrett19-20
Wood, SarahHenry Garrett21-22
Wood, ThomasHenry Garrett21-22
Wood, WilliamJohn Poindexter15
Woodall, CharlesHenry Garrett21-22
Woodfolk, AugustineJohn Poindexter15
Woodger, JohnHenry Garrett19-20
Woodger, ThomasHenry Garrett19-20
Woolliams, John (exempt)John Poindexter15
Wright, JohnJohn Poindexter15
Writtenhouse, HenryHenry Garrett19-20
Yancey, AnneJohn Poindexter16
Yancey, AugustusJohn Poindexter16
Yancey, Charles, CaptJohn Poindexter16
Yancey, MaryJohn Poindexter16
Young, JamesJohn Poindexter16
Young, LawranceJohn Poindexter16