Flanagans Galore

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James Flanagan (c1705 – 1752)

James Flanagan – Commentary and Corrections on Bob Flanagan’s historical sketch

James Flanagan – Dr Flanagan’s narrative, with commentary

Three Immigrant Brothers – Fact or Fiction?

James Flanagan, c1705 – 1752 – A Timeline

James and his Two Sons Named James

James Flanagan’s 1752 will deserves a fresh look

Sevena (Whittle) Flanagan Lane, c1725 – p1801

The Daughters of James and Sevena

Francis Whittle and Sarah, His Wife

James Flanagan (c1730 – c1819)

James Flanagan of Pittsylvania and Bedford Counties, Virginia

The Dalton Gang – Mary, daughter of James and Annis

Whittle Flanagan (1747 – c1831)

Whittle Flanagan, 1749 – c1831

Whittle Flanagan – Dr Flanagan’s narrative, with commentary

The Whittle and Judah (Ferguson) Bible

Whittle Flanagan’s Red Hill – A Study

Sons of Whittle and Judah (Ferguson) Flanagan – to Kentucky and Alabama

Charles Flanagan, 1779 – 1834

James Daniel Flanagan, c1796 – p1850

The Two Reubens

A Look at the Ferguson Family

Ambrose Flanagan (1747 – 1834)

Ambrose Flanagan – Dr Flanagan’s narrative, with commentary

The Several Sons of Ambrose

The Two Reubens

James Winwright Flanagan (c1752 – 1838)

James Winwright Flanagan – Dr Flanagan’s narrative, with commentary

What Happened to John Flanagan?

The Flannagan and Winston Bibles

Orphan Flanagans (or, Who’s Your Daddy?)

John N Flanagan, 1818-1877

2 responses to “Flanagans Galore”

  1. James Winwright is great-great grandfather due to the fact that he and my great grandfather had large families. The time span is such my great grandfather, Webster, in normal generations, should have been my great-great. I have Webster’s personal scrapbook if you wish to read it.

    • Hi Janet. I see Web mentioned in the old newspapers quite a bit when I look for Flanagans. Yes, I’d love to take a look at his scrapbook, I’m sure it’s a treasure trove!

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