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This is a microfilm image of what was probably a bad photostatic copy. Much of it is illegible. The images of the copied Bible pages are at the Library of Virginia, and they were loaned to the library for copying by a family member back in the 1950’s or 1960’s. The link to the Bible details at the Library is here and the link to the images is here.

  • This is not an ancient Bible that was contemporary to James-1752’s time. It appears to be either late 1800’s or early 1900’s. The last entry is dated 1947. The entries with old dates seem to have been copied from another Bible, and they appear to have been written all at once — not as the events occurred. The entries with the oldest dates were written by the same person.
  • The Bible pages were copied in strict black and white. There is no grayscale, which may have helped discern words and letters. They were then microfilmed in the negative. I have included here images of the Three Brothers pages in both negative and inverted formats.
  • In the interest of complete disclosure, the entire Bible record follows. Each page is separated by a long horizontal line. My comments are in blue. Illegible parts are enclosed in [brackets].
  • The handwriting on the first 4 1/2 pages is identical and except for the final entry, all the entries appear to have been written at the same time. The “Three Immigrant Brothers” entry is in RED and any other entries in that same handwriting are also in Red. For a discussion about the three immigrant brothers, see Three Immigrant Brothers – Fact or Fiction? The pertinent portion of the Bible is also on that page.

This Certifies That the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between

Richard K Flannagan of Charlottesville
and Sibelia J Pitman of Page County Va
on the fourth of November 1863 at Hope Mills, Page Co
by Revd J W Watson 1863


Born in Charlottesville Va on the 11th of October 1864 Lawrence Edward, son of R. K. and S. J. Flannagan.

Hugh Richard, son of Richard K. and Sibelia J. Flannagan was born 31st of October 1866 in Charlottesville Albemarle Co Virginia

Maude Amanda daughter of R. K. & S. J. Flannagan was born 18th January 1869 at “Enderly” Albemarle Co Virginia

Roy K Flannagan son of R. K. and S. J. Flannagan was born on November 23d 1870 at “Enderly”

Susie Almond Flannagan was born February 20th 1873 at Enderly. Daughter of R. K. and S. J. Flannagan

Sibelia Josephine, daughter of R. K. and S.J. Flannagan was born 24th August 1874 at Enderly near Charlottesville Va

Read more information about Enderly here.

Julia Pitman Flannagan was born the 3d Day of October 1876 in Charlottesville

Born on 20th July 1879 Pitman son of R. K. and S. J. Flannagan at Charlottesville.

Francis Wyatt son of R. K. & S. J. Flannagan was born Decr. 22d 1882 in Charlottesville

Lawrence Pitman was born May 18th 1810 at Red Banks Shenandoah Co Va.

Jane Amanda Almond was born July 3d 1816 at Luray Page Co Va.

Richard Knight, son of James W. and Mary W. Flannagan was born in Fluvanna Va Oct 30 1830

Sibelia Joseph daughter of Lawrence and Jane A Pitman was born at Red Banks Va. November 9th 1842.


Departed this life on the 7th of September 1869 in Fauquier County Va Jane Amanda, wife of Laurence Pitman aged 53 years 2 months and 4 days.

Departed this life on the 12th of Decr at 2.30 A.M. 1892 in Charlottesville Va Hugh Richard, son of S. J. and R. K. Flannagan. Aet: 26 years 1 month and 11. days.

The handwriting changes now, it is different from all the preceding handwriting. The four entries below and the first entry on the next page match the handwriting on Three Brothers note tucked in the Bible.

Departed this life on Sept 25th 1897 Sebelia J Flanagan wife of Richard K. Flannagan of Charlottesville aged 54 years 9 months and 16 days

Departed this life on Jan 8th 1904 Richard Knight Flannagan of Charlottesville Va aged 73 years 2 months and eight days

Departed this life on November 6th 1918, Lawrence Edward Flannagan M.D. of Charlottesville Captain [illegible] Corps U.S. Army aged 54 years and 25 days.

Frank W. Flannagan died Oct 1st 1924 Philadelphia [illegible]

This page appears to be on a separate sheet of paper, not on a Bible page

Sibelia Josephine (Jo) Flannagan Died Feb 11. 1:30 A.M. 1930 in Charlottesville Va. heart Disease R[]F

Three lines of writing follow the entry above, none of which is legible except the first word is possibly Ann and the last read, possibly, Fluvanna Co Va. or Faquier Co Va.

This next entry is written in a different handwriting:

Julia Pitman Flannagan Bowles. Died March 24, 1947 and Eastern Star Home, Richmond Va.

This page appears to be on a separate sheet of paper, not on a Bible page

________________________ Flannagan ___ 11, _____
Hugh Richard Flannagan Oct 31, 1866 – Died m_____d at 26 years
________________________ Flannagan, Jan. 18. 1869
Roy K______ Flannagan Nov. 23 1870
Susie Almond Flannagan __b. 20. 1873
Sibelia Josephine Flannagan Aug. 24, 1874
Julia Pitman Flannagan Oct. 3, 1876
Pitman Flannagan, July 20. 1879
Francis Wyatt Flannagan Dec. 22. 1882.
Jo died Feb 11 eleventh 1:30 a.m.



Laurence Edward Oct 11 1864

[some math calculations]

Franks age at death
42 yrs 9 mo 10 days

This microfilm image appears to be two loose items filmed together:

Item 1 – a typewritten note

Mr Flannagan;
I couldn’t find the whole paper for Oct 2 But found the clipping

Newspaper clipping follows:


Word was received here early today of the death in a hospital in Philadelphia of Frank Wyatt Flannagan, brother of Dr. Roy K Flannagan, of Richmond, assistant state health commissioner.

Mr. Flannagan, who was 38 years old, was unmarried. He had been engaged in business in Pennsylvania for many years, and had been sick but two weeks. Funeral services and interment will be at his old home in Charlottesville tomorrow.

Mr. Flannagan is survived by two brothers and four sisters: Dr. Flannagan and Miss Maude A. Flannagan, of Richmond; Pitman C. Flannagan, of Eatontown, N.J.; Mrs. W. E. Loving, of Wildwood county; Mrs. W. A. Bowles, of Thelma, and Miss Josie Flannagan, of Charlottesville.

Item 2 – This is the small piece of memo paper. It is divided into four sections by printed horizontal lines. The first two sections are smudged and illegible, depicted here with short horizontal lines. The third and fourth sections contain the Three Brothers theory.


[Illegible, smudged writing]

[Illegible smudged writing and empty white space]

Ambrose Flannagan B between 1700
and 1710 Emigrated about 1732
married at Dublin and had one
infant son ^ and some e________ing
F[riends?] and two brothers who
[immigrated] with him – Whittle and James
[large illegible smudged writing] probably Protestants
landing at Atlantic City Ambrose
to Va James to N.C. Whittle to N.J.

This image is the reverse side of the previous image with some date calculations and a random note that are largely illegible except for possibly “Mrs Duffy”

This begins two pages that are from a different Bible. Each page has two columns. On this page, the Births column is empty. The Deaths column contains:

James A Winston Depart[]
this life the 28 of June
18[8 or 3?]3

[illegible] Winston was
wounded at Port Republic [illegible]
of June was brought to his [illeiglbe]
home the 2[] of June. Depar
this life the 12 of July 186[]

Martha [] Winston Departe[]
this life the 2[] October 1[]
Caswell Winston Departed th[]
life the []3 day of March
18[4 or 7]8

[four lines largely illegible except “this life” “1881” “life”]

On this page, the Marriages column is empty. The Births column contains:

Caswell Winston was born
October 16 1797

Mary Collins Flannagan
was Born November 12, 1813

James A Winston was born
20 of March 1833

Mary E Winston was born
the 10 of July 1834

Collins A Winston was born
The 17 Day of June 1840

James [] Winston born the
9 of Oct 1842

Martha C Winston was born April
4 1845
Lucy W[?] Winston was Born
Oct. 22 1847

S[u]sa[n] E Winston was born
[] day of May 1850

Ida B Winston was born
11 of Oct 1852

F[]l[ ] W Winston and
Elnora C Winston Twins was
born 19 of September 1853

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